City of Samobor

Art colony

A unique art colony connecting the two neighboring towns, Samobor and Zaprešić.

The "Akvareli na skeli" art colony takes place on the first sunday in June, on a ferryboat in Medsave, on the Sava river between Samobor and Zaprešić. The artists meet each other on their side of shore and start the exchange over the river, painting the atmosphere, impressions and experiences, creating a symbolic bridge over Sava.

The organizers of "Akvareli na skeli" are the Association of Fine Artists of Samobor, Association of Visual Artists Zaprešić and Samobor Museum. The leaders are Irena Škrinjar - ULS and Ivan Tibor Grujić - ULUS.

The aim of this project is to connect the two neighboring towns of Samobor and Zaprešić, as well as their foreign friends, revitalize aquarelle techniques, strengthen the cultural offer at the county level and preserve the cultural identity of Samobor and Zaprešić.

This traditional art colony is based on the collaboration of the art associations and institutions of the two cities - Samobor and Zaprešić. Art pieces created within the colony are exhibited at the Museum of Matija Skurjeni, the Samobor Museum and the Great Gallery of city of Zabok.