City of Samobor

Battle of Samobor 1441

When two armies stand opposite each other on the Vugrinščak battlefield, the town of Samobor is taken back to the 15th century, to Ash Wednesday on 1 March 1441. The battle for the throne was fought between Queen Elisabeth and the Polish King Wladyslaw Jagiello (Vladislav Jagelović). The Queen had the support of Ulrich the Second of Cilli and the famous commander, Czech mercenary, Ivan Vitovec, while the King fought shoulder to shoulder with the commander Stjepan Banić of Lendava. Their fights culminated in a fierce battle near Samobor with the victory for the Queen. As a reminder of that event, the first re-enactment of the battle was organized in 2006 on the field near Vugrinščak, being the most appropriate location for gathering both armies and an increasing number of spectators.

It has proven to be an excellent choice because every year, at the beginning of March more and more spectators wish to see the re-enactment of the battle that gathers around 400 participants, including about 100 knights in armours. For the occasion, Vugrinščak turns into a military camp with cavalrymen, knights in armours, swordsmen, archers, soldiers with firelock guns, and a vast number of military equipment; catapults, fortifications, and tents. Around the battlefield, there is a medieval fair, so thanks to the organizers from the Samobor Museum, Samobor Tourist Board, the Knights of Zelingrad and the Associations Revived History of Samobor together with their partners, the town of Samobor turns into a medieval town in the centre of the battles for the throne.