City of Samobor

Floral promenade

The day when Samobor's main square becomes a floral promenade.

Floral promenade

Floral promenade is organized by the Folklore Ensemble "Mladost" in Samobor. The tradition of this event goes back to the late 1956., when the event was held for the first time. Every year, over 700 children from Samobor's kindergartens and elementary schools participate in the floral promenade.

It is a day when main square in Samobor is full of childrens laugh, dancing and fun.

"Wishing to revive this beautiful event, we invited Samobor primary schools and kindergartens to cooperate. The program itself is designed so that the children, participants of the activity, develop their artistic skills and creativity. With the help of the educators and parents, they have made parts of the costumes themselves. By having an intense training of the songs and dance steps, their musical and dancing activity was greatly enhanced through which they met the part of the tradition and culture of our people. This way of working contributes to the psychophysical development of children at earlier age, as well as strengthens their motor skills. In the first year, we had 330 participants who filled the main square in Samobor and who performed a synchronized ten-minute program for 2000 visitors, consisting of children rhymes and dances from our heritage. Now, on the Floral promenade, there are twice as many performers", says FA Mladost manager, Ivančica Pogrmilović.