City of Samobor

Saint George Bonfires on Vugrinščak

First people gathered around the fire, and this need for gathering in Samobor is beautifully manifested in the organization of bonfires. On Saint George Day, there is bonfire lit on Vugrinščak, high enough to gather a few thousand souls.

The event was first organized in 2012 at the initiative of Mr. Damir Domin, the Chairman of the Volunteer Firefighters Association in Samobor, with the aim to encourage the locals to meet and revive a wonderful tradition of the area: lighting a Saint George bonfire to announce the arrival of spring.

The initiative has been very successful, considering that the high fire keeps more and more people warm every 23 April. With the sound of drums, the dancers and the archers who join the ceremony of starting the fire, the bonfire is getting bigger and bigger every year, and there are more and more people every year. Visitors are obviously attracted by the original call felt by our predecessors and an unpretentious approach letting everyone enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, the combination of nature and the joy of a small “night picnic” for those who decide to take something edible to prepare of the bonfire’s ember.

The event is organized by the Samobor Tourist Board, Samobor Volunteer Firefighters Associations and the district Gornji kraj – Hamor, under the patronage of the Town of Samobor.