City of Samobor

Samobor Carnival

There is probably no person in Croatia that does not know that “fools fool around every day and the clever ones only on Carnival”. Also, only few people have not visited the town during Carnival simply because Samobor Carnival is one of the oldest such events in Croatia and one of the biggest tourist attractions in the continental part of Croatia. It has a 200-year old tradition and a catchy slogan, but above all, people love the masks, and the locals have long realized that with a mask they can scold everyone. What distinguishes the Samobor Carnival from other carnivals is the political satire in the background (sometimes louder, sometimes quieter) which is the heritage of Josip Kompare from the middle of the 19th century.

The Carnival hosts long processions of allegorically decorated wagons and satirical performances of groups from local districts, the traditional Carnival characters – Prince Carnival, Princess Magpie, Judge and Lawyer take over the keys of the town and outspokenly proclaim the town the Free Carnival Republic, and the facades in the town centre are adorned with witty caricatures and illustrations.

Still, the Carnival is also the place of pure fun, overall glee under masks and the joy of seeing the creativity of thousands of children who walk through the main square with the costumes they made. The offer includes an all-embracing music programme, sales on stalls, tons of Samobor doughnuts, fun park, street performers, workshops for the youngest, teasers and competitions, prizes for best masks and entertainment for all until the traditional ending on Shrove Tuesday when the Prince Carnival is proclaimed guilty and his puppet is burnt accompanied by a huge fireworks.