City of Samobor

Samobor Salami Festival

Samobor salami festival is a manifestation of competitive character in which hobbyists and professionals try to prove themselves as good masters.

In modern times it is difficult to preserve originality and tradition. It is difficult to transfer to the younger generations the love for customs and tradition, as well as to encourage them to transfer such values even further. In Samobor, it seems as if it is going easier. To what do we thank for that?

To a specific climate and rich history, the mighty mountains which surround the romantic city, or the tireless Samobor spirit that always gives new ideas, but does not agree to anything less than excellent? It is the wish for excellence of the organizers of Samobor Salami Festivals that kept them going for thirty years. Every year, this important gastronomic event was becoming better and better, so that today we could proudly talk about the great, international, well-known Samobor Salami Festival.

The organizers from the Zlatna Šajba Association did not succeed only in the brilliant performance of an even better manifestation, but also in the preservation of tradition and customs of the Samobor region. Produced in family cellars, created with love and by the carefully preserved recipe, Samobor's salami grown into a gourmet brand of Samobor, a product adored by the lovers of taste and original quality.

Samobor salami today stands out in a rich palette of Samobor products and became the first brand of our city. With a market placement, it found its way to a wide range of gourmets, but in its core it remained autochthonous, quality and ours. The very character of Samobor Salami Festival is a testimony to the specialty of this product. Every year, many producers, tasters and gourmets gather in Samobor, and many guests from Croatia and abroad come to Samobor to enjoy the true local flavor and pleasant, friendly atmosphere.

Three decades is not a short time.  It is a period of time that outlines the care and effort to preserve Samobor's tradition, but also maturity when it comes to flawless organization and promotion of a manifestation. A large number of competitors are from the area of Samobor and the surrounding area which, with their participation, contribute significantly to the success of this event.

Samobor Salami Festival acquired international status a long time ago. So far the applications have been confirmed by competitors from Austria, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia and Serbia, and the arrival has been announced by guests from Germany and Slovakia. It only confirms the reputation of this event abroad, thus gaining the status of a regional leader in this part of Europe, in which the professionals are also trying to prove themselves as good masters.