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Samobor Salami Festival

Famous Samobor salami was first made in family kitchens, but it did not stay there for long. It was too delicious to be enjoyed only with family and friends. Therefore, the enthusiasts and hobbyists from the Association “Zlatna šajba” decided to check who is the top master in the preparation of this local speciality. They organized an event in its honour and in that way, they have opened the door to its recognition as a brand. In the meantime, the event turned international and became a leader in the region.

For more than three decades the members of the association have gathered once a year at the beginning of spring to present the awards to those who have shown the highest skills in balancing the quality of meat, spices, preparation and drying in various categories. The manifestation is spiced with excellent entertainment and has grown so big that in recent years it has been organized under the roof of the Samobor Sports Hall. The event celebrates tradition, as well as new gastronomical progress because every year caterers from the entire region are presented, together with similar associations from Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, etc.

With its placement on the market, the Samobor salami found its way to a broad range of gourmands but has stayed, in its core, autochthone, high quality and local. Just as the event: huge, regional, but still local. The best part of this whole event is the morning after when the visitors of the Samobor Spring Fair get a chance to try the awarded salami for free at the Association’s Open Day.