City of Samobor

The Battle of Samobor 1441

After Carnival, Samobor is organizing another significant cultural and tourist event that has been attracting a large number of visitors for years. The Battle of Samobor is a reconstruction of the historic battle that occurred in Samobor in 1441.

After the death of King Albrecht Habsburg in 1439., Croatia and Hungary started a struggle for the throne. Elizabeth was supported by Ulrik II. Celjski with his general, Czech mercenary Ivan Vitovec, and King Vladislav Jagelović was supported by Stjepan Banić Lendavski. Two years later, the armies clashed near Samobor on Ash Wednesday, March 1st, 1441. A fierce battle has ended with victory of Vitovec, who earned considerable loot by capturing warlord Banić. However, Queen Elizabeth died in 1442., forcing Ulrik II. to confirm Vladislav III. as the king and to release all prisoners.

The reconstruction of this battle started modestly in 2006., at the very Ash Wednesday, and later it become richer with more participants and at a specific "stage".

Medieval groups and extras dressed in replicas of armors and chain mails from the 15th century are caring for an accurate reconstruction of the battle each year, all of which organized by Samobor Museum, Samobor Tourist Board, Knights of Zelingrad and Association of Revived History of Samobor.

Samobor is becoming an old medieval town for one day, thanks to the traditional sights of the ancient battle of 1441. between the army of Queen Elizabeth and the Polish King Vladislav II. The battle takes place in the park Vugrinščak, at the foot of the Samobor Castle, which turns into a knight military camp with cavalry, armored knights, swordsmen, archers, battle equipment, catapults, campfire, fortifications... The whole Vugrinščak becomes a battlefield and a great medieval fair.

Approximately 400 participants are taking part in the event, including 100 knights in armor. Some of the organizations that nurture medieval tradition, such as participants from Hungary and Celje, are returning regulary to the staging of the Battle of Samobor, while some organizations participate since 2008. These are, among others, the Knights of Zelingrad, Order of the Silver Dragon, Golden Chalice, Medieval group Celje, Order of Guardians of Zagreb, Association Anno Domini Koprivnica, Koprivnica musketeers and guards as well as Association of Revived History of Samobor.

In the forenoon, the drummers crawl around the town with a Magistrate's announcement warning residents of the incoming danger, announcing that they should hide under the walls of the Castle until the battle is over. Before the battle, the audience will be able to hear the talk of a judge, a notary, a patriarch and a vicar servant who will show the atmosphere of that time and make introduction to the event.

The artisans are present at the fair with their products: hats, baskets, honey, aromatic herbs, wooden swords, shields, medieval gemstones, blackberry wine, knights equipment, helmets, armors, gloves etc .

Painters will paint scenes of battle, notary will issue testimonies that you have been to the battle, forgiveness of sins (committed and future) will be given at affordable prices, while you will be able to buy wooden horses (red and green) representing armies in the battle.