City of Samobor

Watercolours on a ferry boat

The best proof that the rivers do not separate, but connect, are the artists gathered around the Association of Fine Artists of Samobor and the Association of Visual Artists in Zaprešić together with the Samobor Museum. Every year, for more than a decade, on the first Sunday in June, the artists gather near the ferry boat in Medsave on both banks of the Sava River and start creating as a part of artists’ colony "Watercolours on a ferry boat”.

At the beginning, each group starts painting on their own sides, then move to the other side of the river, and in the end, they return and end up all on the ferry boat where they open their mutual exhibition of barely dried watercolours. The other part of the gathering is held at the opening of the exhibition in Zaprešić and the third at the opening in the Samobor Museum.

The intention of this project is to connect two neighbouring cities, Samobor and Zaprešić, as well as their international friends and the aim is to revitalize the watercolours, to strengthen the cultural offer on the county level and to preserve the cultural heritage of both Samobor and Zaprešić.