City of Samobor

Youngmasters Festival

Thanks to its concept and abundance of cultural events, Youngmasters has established itself, through its 10 years, as one of the most attractive summer schools in the region. Every year the Summer Class and festival brings together internationally renowned teachers and young musicians from all over the world. In August 2021 Festival will celebrate its big 10th Anniversary. It will be celebrated by holding classes and numerous concerts, promotions and discussion panels in our festival section. Through those weeks, Samobor will be filled with the sounds of as many as 8 musical instruments (guitar, saxophone, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, flute and viola).

Youngmasters' diversity can be seen not only in the diversity of instruments, but also in the variety of additional professional, artistic and educational content that is offered to our students and their lecturers. Besides the now well established teaching forms for active participants such as private lessons, chamber and orchestra music, working on orchestral parts and the guitar and string summer orchestra, a new addition to the program was introduced - Youngmasters Voice. This is one of the most recent projects of International Young Musicians' Summer Class program that first appeared in September 2019. The voice masterclass was then held by the renowned singing pedagogue from Milano, Anatoli Goussev.

This season (6-13 September) Youngmasters Voice will host Claudia Visca, an esteemed vocal pedagogue from Vienna, highly popular and revered by Croatian students of classical singing. The trust and delight shown of our numerous attendants through the years are the pledge for the success of this project.