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Advent in Samobor

Last year, Advent in Samobor was very vivid and gladly frequented by many people, so nothing less is expected this year as well.

Advent in Samobor

It is meaningfully organised and integrated, with all on offer within reach, which provides you with an opportunity to casually enjoy the contents and the sights of Advent while listening to open air concerts, ice-skating or sipping your favourite drink.

Advent in Samobor officially begins on 26 November with the programme on the pop up ice-skating ring and Matija Cvek’s concert, and the performance of the acapella choir Dišpet the day after. After the official opening this weekend, a rich and diverse programme will be offered, including concerts of the band Pavel, Vesna Pisarović, Jacques Houdek, Domenica and many others.

If you walk from the square Trg kralja Tomislava to the square Trg Matice Hrvatske and all the way to the pop up ice-skating ring your way will be lit up by Christmas lights, decorations and silver treads symbolising the connection among people. Each photo point and detail is unique in itself while together they form a magnificent unit that will make your long December evenings brighter.

The ice-skating ring is open every workday (from 26 November to 8 January) from 10 am to 10 pm and the entrance fee is 15 kn. Renting a pair of ice-skates costs 10 kn.

Published: 21.11.2022.