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Samobor kremšnita

Samobor is well-known for Samobor kremšnita.

Samobor kremšnita

There are so many texts written about Samobor kremšnita (custard slice) that it seems to be nothing to add. Certainly, it is one of the symbols and the first association of Samobor in Croatia and beyond. The dessert is the reason why everyone is always happy to come to Samobor, and it is almost unthinkable for anyone to visit and not try a delicate, light yellowish cream between a thin leafy dough. It is the reason to wait in the line. There are several recipes for this cake, but Samobor kremšnita is unique because of its preparation.

"Sanoborska kremšnita has made Samobor famous". It is a rare dessert that can be praised for being chanted in the poem, the one especially dedicated to it. The poem was written by Joža Prudeus, a teacher and writer from Samobor. This dessert is just one of the products from the great gastro heritage of Samobor.

You can find it in every pastry shop, it is prepared all over the world. It is made from eggs, milk and flour. Some would say that there is no difference when the ingredients are the same. Still, not all of such cakes are made by the same recipe. They can be firm and dense, just like pudding. Some producers work with the addition, putting cream on the surface, before the upper crust, while the others are decorating them with chocolate glazing. Crusts are prepared in different ways, some prefer that they are softer, and others are more tougher. And that's exactly what makes the difference between seemingly the same sweat. If you ask citizens of Samobor, everyone will tell you that Samobor kremšnita is the only right one. Always fresh and warm, foamy, they melt in the mouth.

The story of Samobor kremšnita begins in the 20s of the last century, after the return of Đuro Lukačić from Zagreb. Đuro studied craft in Zagreb's pastry shops, combining the recipes of the masters, and created a treat that celebrated Samobor. Although some stories of the origin of the recipe mention the influence of Hungarian and even Austro-Hungarian masters, they all agree that Đuro Lukačić's was the true father of Samobor kremšnita. The production of kremšnita started in the pastry shop of Marko Lukačić, brother of Đuro, located on the Samobor square. The residents of the surrounding towns, including Zagreb, came to visit Samobor. Do you remember the famous movie "Tho pjeva zlo ne misli"? It was exactly in Samobor where Ana Šafranek saw Mrs. Fulir; it was a perfect place for their first love spark.