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Traditional crafts

Traditional crafts

To come to Samobor and not to encounter a handicraft, a souvenir or to seal a deal is a real art. The citizens of Samobor have long been known as excellent artisans, hard-working craftsmen whose work is honest and of high quality. Even though there are no written evidence which could help us define the date of the oldest craftsmen’s guild in Samobor, it is believed that as early as the 16th century the town had a well-established guild system while the number of craftsmen has always been significant: in 1754 there were in total 148 craftsmen in 28 different professions, and in the 19th century almost every third local was a craftsman of some sort. However, it is significant to note that the locals also dealt with agriculture which can be obvious from the manner of organization of old houses – the craft at the front and a garden in the back with farm animals.

Millers, leather makers, hat makers, boot makers, glass makers, locksmiths, blacksmiths, licitars makers, crystal manufacturers – with time some of these professions have disappeared, but some are very much alive in Samobor where numerous products are made in small family facilities – glass, ceramics, crystal, licitars, candles, hand-painted souvenirs, metal fences, wooden doors, cosmetics, gastronomic packages with local specialties. Just walk around the town and everything is available. Or even better – sit down in a Samobor restaurant, pour a glass of local wine or bermet and ask the right question. In a human, natural way, without applications and "googling".

Today you can see production of some of autochthonous, homemade traditional products at the following addresses:

    Arko craft shop, Petra Preradovića 10, T: +385 (0)995883255;
    Oslaković craft shop, Ivana Perkovca 17, T: +385 (0)993415129
    Philipecz cellar, Stražnička 1A, T: +385 (0)13364835
    Kristal Samobor, Milana Langa 63, +385 (0)13367101