City of Samobor

Traditional crafts

Traditional crafts

The Samobor region has long since abounded with craft professions that developed in accordance with the development of the settlements and the city itself. There is no written evidence of the oldest craftsmanships in Samobor, but it is believed to have been developing since the 16th century. Craftsmens, like in other places, originated from former fraternities. The number of craftsmen in Samobor was always significant; In 1754. a total of 148 artisans from 28 different occupations were recorded. At that time, they present a significant economic and commercial power.

In the last century one of the most prominent crafts in Samobor was a mill. Then it was said, "milling is the best trade, miller is a gentleman." The mill was working in winter and summer, if the city water stream allowed and if there was anything to grind. Leather has also been among the strongest local crafts since ancient times. The suitable location of Samobor and plenty of water contributed to the early development of this craft. There were also lots of bootmakers, tanners, hat makers, button makers.

Thanks to many craftsmen whose ancestors were members of guilds, we have variety of preserved documents, laws and regulations on the basis of which we can monitor their activities through the centuries. We can find products of these old masters even today in our homes. Respecting the eternal family tradition, people living here continue to work in small crafts and mostly private companies.

Production of honey and licitars, crystal manufacturing and other traditional crafts can be observed nowadays in small private shops, where you can get acquainted with these forgotten crafts. You will surely not regret buying any of these products, which are also a good gift.