City of Samobor

Carnival tradition

It all began in the twenties of the nineteenth century. 

Carnival tradition

It all began in the twenties of the nineteenth century. Rarely written documents from that time show that Carnival was held in the streets of Samobor and that the municipal magistrate held dance under masks.

The Samobor Museum keeps a record of the municipal council meeting dating from 1828, which states that the rental of a hall was requested in the Council building for the Carnival bal, bearing in mind that it was already used a year earlier. It is the first written document about the Samobor carnival, from which it is clear that it is being held from 1827. It was probably held in the earlier years but there is no written proof.

Important years of Samobor Carnival:

1827 - The earliest written record proves that the Carnival Bal was held in the Municipal Magistrate 
1860 - Josip Kompare starts to host the Carnival
1876 ​​- The Carnival Parade Committee on February 26th requests permission for a carnival procession that will not be "against the government"
1880 - a painting by Josip Kompare "Croatian politicians of the year 1880." entered the Carnival legends
1904 - the first issue of "Sraka" newspapers
1906 - Prince Fašnik becomes a living person, who plays on the stage
1941 - termination of Carnival due to the war
1966 - resurrection of the Carnival on the initiative of F. Ivanščak and continuation of the "Sraka" newspapers