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Samoborček train

Since the middle of the 19th century, the citizens of Samobor had asked for a railway, but they had to wait for the approval by the emperor Franz Joseph I. On 14 January 1901 the train finally arrived in Samobor. The slowness of the procedure was also the preparation for one of the main features of the popular train “Samoborček” – its maximum speed was about 20 kph so many travelled from Zagreb to Samobor on foot alongside the train.

However, the “Samoborček” train became a popular means of transportation for numerous hikers and helped Samobor gain impetus in tourism development. And, it will always stay as a reminder of some more romantic times thanks to the memorable film by Krešo Golik “Tko pjeva, zlo ne misli” – One Song a Day Takes Mischief Away.

With time, the “Samoborček” train did gain speed and got more comfortable owing to single-engine aluminium trains, so-called “Silver arrows”, but the train was soon overtaken by financial unprofitability so the last passengers left the train on 31 December 1979.

Today, the train is permanently located in Samobor, in Južno naselje, and its locomotive and two wagons stand as a reminder of the legendary train that meant for many generations a lot more than just transportation, so it is no wonder you can often hear it in local songs. Soon, there are better days ahead of it, thanks to the initiative of the Samobor Rotary Club which initiated the project of the restoration of the train and the making of a park around it that would to future generation also be more than just a train.