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Brandy-tasting Hedonica OPG (Family-run farm) Mahović

Hedonica produces home-made natural brandies and grape brandy.

Brandy-tasting Hedonica Family-run farm Mahović

Natural brandies enriched with the tastes of honey, walnut, rosehip, blueberry, cherry and plum are the products of a small family-run farm in Vrhovčak. They have found their niche in traditional production and the usage of only natural ingredients, which is a harder way, but in the end, it leads to a high-quality product. With a careful selection of herbs they have created a brandy “Vila z Vrha”, and are especially proud of their grape brandy Mihael, a top-quality spirit drink kept and nourished for three years in oak barrels. Besides, Hedonica Kruška Tepka (pear-flavoured brandy) was awarded in 2017 with a silver medal on the world competition in San Francisco, and it is the crown jewel in the offer of Hedonica brandies.