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Filipec Wine Cellar

An essential part of Samobor’s gastronomic offer.

Filipec Wine Cellar

The wine cellar of the Filipec family located in the town’s centre is the place to try, buy and learn all about the two of the most popular local gastronomic products: Bermet (aromatic wine aperitif) and muštarda (local type of mustard).

Bermet is black aromatic wine prepared from selected types of grapes, wormwood plant and tropic fruit which has been produced for several generations in the Filipec family following the secret family recipe. Samobor’s mustard is a spicy sauce with the taste similar to mustard and has also been a part of the family tradition since the 19th century.

These products today make an essential part of the gastronomic offer as a tasty aperitif and an excellent addition to meat dishes, and also a part of the tourist offer of the town because a bottle of Bermet and a jar of muštarda make an ideal souvenir that reminds you of pleasant times spent in Samobor.