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Free SightRun Samobor tour

Enjoy running even when you travel and get to know Samobor while you’re there! With SightRun App you can now discover Samobor in an active way!

Free SightRun Samobor tour

SightRun is a mobile app that combines running and sightseeing and you can discover Samobor with one of the tours that we have prepared. Besides interesting stories that you’ll hear along the way, the app will give you audio instructions about which way to go. In addition to audio navigation, the app will tell you many interesting stories about Samobor. To use the app and to have a nice and adventurous run, you’ll only need ear phones. After you start SightRun Samobor tour, you can put your mobile phone in the pocket and freely enjoy your favourite activity.

SightRun Samobor tour is 6 kilometres long. The tour starts and finishes at King Tomislav square by the well. This tour will be an easy run for you but it’s full of interesting stories about the local customs, tradition, history, delicious food, attractions and natural wonders nearby. We believe that the tour will inspire you to discover more interesting places in Samobor. Make sure you reward yourself with Samobor cream cake or greblica - the miner’s cake.

SightRun App is an audio running guide that uses GPS of your mobile phone so it doesn’t matter how fast you move. Yes, with the app you can walk, stop, take photos and then continue your run. If you like listening to music while you run, you can add your favourite songs before you start your tour which will adjust to the tour content.

All tours are available in English and Croatian.

No more excuses! Put your running shoes, take your earphones and you’re ready for the SightRun tour! Enjoy exploring Samobor on the run!

SightRun App is free for download and available on Google Play and App Store.



Published: 01.03.2021.