City of Samobor

Ferry at Medsave

A wooden ferry, a traditional transportation vehicle powered by the river stream is used to cross the River Sava. Visitors are offered a unique experience of crossing the river and listening to the stories of the ferryman, and the possibility of visiting Zaprešić.

Ferry at Medsave

From the ancient times, people have had the need to go to cross the river and they used bridges, boats or ferries. One of the ways of crossing the Sava river that is still used today is the ferry.

Ferry is used as a mean of transportation between Samobor and Zaprešić - people on both sides of the Sava river have been connected for a long time and their property is very often on the other side of the river.

Over the river, the steel wire is tensed which holds the ferry so it does not flow downstream. The rudder is used to control the ferry in relation to the river flow.

During the crossing of the river, with the story of ferryman, visitors are offered a special experience and the possibility to visit Zaprešić.