City of Samobor

Mountain lodge Cerinski vir

The mountain hut is located in the village of Cerina, on 331 metres above sea level.

Mountain lodge Cerinski vir
Centar: 5 kmTrgovina: 4 kmJavni prijevoz: 6 km

The Cerinski vir mountain lodge is located in the village of Cerina (above the stream of Javorec) near Smerovišće, on a hiking trail from Smerovišće to Japetić. It is named after a nearby picturesque waterfall, the largest in Samobor Hills. The old stone house from the 19th century has been renewed and edited for hiking needs by members of Mountaneeiring association St. Patrick from Samobor and members of the Ekosspiritus Association and their friends. At the end of August 2015., it was officially opened after ten years of renewal. Now it is a beautiful building with a yellow facade.

How to reach it by the car: From Samobor to the "Dumić" excursion site in the center of Smerovišće, then 30 m to the right by the road leading towards Šipački Breg to the first sharp right bend (less than 1 km). Along the road is an extension to park the car, and the left branch of the macadam road leads towards the lodge.

Walking time to the surrounding hiking trails: Mountain lodge Željezničar, Oštrc - 1h 30 min, Mountain lodge Ivica Sudnik, Veliki Dol - 1h