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Welcome to Samobor, a medieval town of Baroque architecture which lies on the eastern slopes of the Samoborsko gorje Hill Range at the gateway to the romantic valley of the Gradna Creek.

Gourmet guide

All gourmet roads lead to Samobor

175 years of glass production in Samobor

Glass production has centuries-long tradition in the Samobor region. The first glass products in this region date from the Early Iron Age, i.e. 9th-5th century BC, the period in which glass production was established as a new craft.

Samobor's sweet nocturne

Samobor is a city of rich history and gourmet tradition as well as of an opulent gourmet offer, with sweets certainly being most popular delicacies on offer.

Bike routes

Map of bike routes of Samobor and its surroundings

Nature park Žumberak - Samoborsko gorje

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