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Pizzeria Napoli

"Napoli" is "Napoli", an excellent pizzeria with long tradition.

Pizzeria Napoli
Tuesday - Friday: 11 am - 10 pm
Saturday - Sunday: 12 pm - 10 pm

If you take a look at the menu of this famous pizzeria, you will think that you are somewhere in the Italian coast rather than in the center of Samobor. From the kitchen, you can smell delicious pizza, lasagne, ravioli, Italian spaghetti with various sauces and additives, seafood (al cartoccio) ... "Napoli" is "Napoli". If you are a grill lover, you will not leave disappointed. Grill "Napoli" is so delicious and tasty that it is worth to order, taste and enjoy.

Clearly, it is not necessary to mention drinks after a delicious meal. Everyone will find what suits them the best.

The specialty of the pizzeria "Napoli" is organizing celebrations of children's birthdays, when kids, joyfully and with a song, with a rich table mark their favorite moments surrounded by their loved ones.