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Samobor Museum

In the most beautiful park the most preserved manor in Samobor is the home of Samobor museum.

Samobor Museum
OIB: 40913091389
Giro account: HR942500009 - 1101209589

Home of fossils, geological exhibits, pre-historical remains, archaeological findings from all eras, historical documents starting from the charter of Béla IV through the material heritage of the Old Town and the site in the village of Farkaševac dating from the Middle Ages, to thousand pages of centuries long quarrel between the owners of the Old Town and the city of Samobor. There are pieces of art, numerous historical objects and collections created by the efforts of the museum founders Ivica Sudnik and Stjepan Orešković. All important things regarding the history of Samobor are exhibited on the two museum floors.

The museum is in the manor that used to belong to Ferdo Livadić who was eager to gather Croatian national reformers. It is in the manor where the Illyrian song “Još Hrvatska nij’ propala” (Croatia has not yet fallen) was sung for the first time, and it is the home of the piano played by the great Franz Liszt. Social life in the manor from the era of Ferdo Livadić has been living on through numerous exhibitions, musical and educational programmes organized by the museum.