City of Samobor

Samobor Night Race

The traditional night race which connects the sport and beauty of Samobor.

Once popular for schoolchildren, this race has become a real urban event that connects the sport and beauty of Samobor.

The race is organized by the Samobor Road and Mountain Running Club, at the initiative of the City of Samobor and the Samobor Sports Federation, with the aim of revitalizing a once popular race. Already in the first year of its return to the city streets, the Night Race gathered nearly 500 runners.

The first night race of the "Liberation of Samobor" was held on May 9th, 1961. in honor of the 15th anniversary of the liberation of our city, organized by the SS RN and the Association of Samobor fighters.

At 20 o'clock at the start of King Tomislav Square, 32 racers of the School of economics, Driving school and Gymnasium participated in the race. The first winner on 1400 m track was Petar Iviček. 12 senior runners started on a 2700m track and the winner of this group was Lazar Nežić. The winners of the first and second races were rewarded with trophies, while others were rewarded with practical sports equipment.

In the second race in 1962., 137 contestants were already involved in three categories (youth - female, youth - male, seniors). Starting from that year, the race started to be more massive and recognizable in the city of Samobor and beyond.