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Samobor Night Run

Trends appear that nobody can explain. For example, running is now very popular in Samobor. The locals like to eat, drink and enjoy life, so running seems like a kind of balance. Or it might be the echo from 1961 when the first night run was held on 9 May in the memory of the “Liberation of Samobor”.

The tradition, following the current trend, was revived again in full speed a couple of years ago. For some time it was held on the town’s football pitch, but the love of running placed the Night Run back to where it started – on the King Tomislav Square. In the beginning, it was organized only for school children, but today it is a real street race connecting sport and the beauty of Samobor, attracting more and more runners.

It is organized by the Club of Street and Mountain Running of Samobor, at the initiative of the Town of Samobor and the Samobor Sports Association. The runners are split into age categories, allocated to routes of different lengths from the promotional 1.5- kilometre run for school kids to a 5-kilometre and 10-kilometre run on the streets of Samobor for both men and women.