City of Samobor

Samobor Spring Fair

The Samobor Spring Fair presents the etno and gastro tradition of Samobor.

The first rays of the sun dress up Samobor in a new carpet, where green, natural, rich scents of spring intertwine and make our city even more desirable and appealing. The magic of Samobor spring is presented during Samobor Spring Fair, which reveals all the secrets of the rich heritage and customs of our region.

Throughout many years, the Fair became a stage where traditions, family production, culture and rich gastronomic offer alternate. Every year we add the novelties that will attract visitors, but we remain faithful to the tradition.

The Fair attracts more and more gastronomists and gourmets who enjoy meat, homemade juices, Samobor salami, brandies, liqueurs and wine, homemade cakes and baked goods, jams and syrups, indispensable miner's cake (greblica), muštarda and bermet. All visitors are always interested in the fair of old crafts where medieval and licitar products and traditional toys are exhibited, followed by a souvenir, book and flower fair.
Numerous guests complement the offer of the Fair with their products and in that way create additional content that rarely leaves anybody uninterested.

How significant the Samobor Spring Fair is for our city shows the fact that the exhibitors are free of the fees, in order to encourage them to participate and thus support the promotion of everything that Samobor is proud of.

Since 2017., our youngest children from elementary schools and kindergartens from thea rea also participate in the Fair - at the small market near the post office, the Children's Spring Fair is organized. In that way we develop love for Samobor's heritage from early days, but we also teach children that the greatest value is to create something with their own hands, thus encouraging their entrepreneurial spirit. Samobor, as a children friendly city, gives our children freedom and encourages their creativity, creating opportunities in which they will play and enjoy without fear, absorbing the child's joy and spontaneity in the tradition of our city and the customs of our people.

The Samobor Spring Fair is an experience for every citizen of Samobor, visitors and tourists, to find something for themselves and to bring invaluable memories back home.

Experience, taste and meet Samobor! Visit Samobor Spring Fair!