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Samobor Spring Fair

It is easy to boast with the tradition of crafts and hard-working hands of the locals, but it only really counts when you manage to show it and prove it. Therefore, every year, at the beginning of spring, the town organizes a Spring Fair that gathers the best of the town’s crafts tradition, family production, and cultural and gastronomical offer. These all come together under a tent on the King Tomislav Square to show it all: old trades, souvenirs, jewellery, textile handicrafts, local hand-made food; Samobor salami, garlic sausage, brandies, liquors, wines, Bermet, muštarda (mustard), greblica (miners’ cake), sweets, breads and buns, jams, honeys, licitar products, traditional toys, national costumes, arts, handicrafts, books, flowers, numerous visiting exhibitors and plenty more.

In 2017 the organizers started a Children’s Spring Fair on the small square next to the post office with the aim to instil the love towards local heritage from an early age, to teach children that the most significant value is to create something with their own hands and to encourage their entrepreneurial skills.

Experience, taste, and learn about Samobor! Come and visit the Samobor Spring Fair!