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Tavern Izletište Dumić

Next to a cold stream in Smerovišće, there is a tavern serving excellent food.

Tavern Izletište Dumić
Monday - Sunday: 11 am - 6 pm
Tuesday and Wednesday: closed

Although it might seem that to get to “Dumić” you need to know all the roads in the area the truth is – you just need to drive in the direction of Smerovišće or ask any local for direction and you will get to this popular spot.

Next to a cold, clear and forested stream where rather big trout swim playfully, there is a spot favourite to mountaineers and lovers of home-made cuisine. Serving cold cuts, fresh cottage cheese and cream, štrukli, and widely known trout, Izletište Dumić is a place to recharge your energy for four hikers’ routes splitting here or as an award for the hike already taken in the unspoiled nature.