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The Samobor's carnival (Fašnik)

The Samobor carnival is one of the oldest carnival celebrations in Croatia and one of the biggest tourist events in the continental part of Croatia.

The Samobor Fašnik traditionally ends on Shrove Tuesday with the condemnation of Prince Fašnik and the burning of his effigy, to ensure that the year ahead will be free of negative influences. Traditional carnival characters Prince Fašnik, Princess Magpie, Judge and Fiscal take the keys to the city and proclaim the Free Carnival Republic. 

Every year, in addition to the traditional program on King Tomislav Square, with carnival characters, visitors can expect programs at several locations - a program of street entertainers, camps of local committees and cultural and artistic societies, a special program for young people, workshops for children, as well as numerous other events. More than 3,000 children from schools and kindergartens, 800 members of local committees and their allegorical carts, and 1,000 participants of carnival groups from all over Croatia are expected to participate in the daily events from morning to late evening.

The main determinants and importance of the Samobor Fašnik is reflected in the long history of its holding, the large children's parade of elementary schools and kindergartens (children's fašnik) and the large parade of local committees, as well as a large number of visiting groups.

The difference from the carnival is a political satire that is the legacy of Kompare's fašnik (from 1860), special for its criticism of general social conditions (today of local, state, EU, world character) and the procession of allegorical cars as an attraction that captures attention just as much as a children's fašnik.