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Mali Lipovec (Šoićeva kuća, 373 m) – Japetić (815 m)

Ascent duration: 2 hours
Distance: 11 km
Difficulty: 2/5


The starting point of this route is at the mountain lodge Šoićeva kuća (closed) which can be reached by car, from Samobor toward Smerovišće, and then toward Mali Lipovac. The parking lot where you can leave your car is on the left. Šoićeva kuća can also be reached by bus from the Samobor Bus Station (line 144 Samobor – Smerovišće – Lipovec) which stops at the bus stop 200 meters from Šoićeva kuća.

There are two routes leading to Japetić, the right one going up through meadows is recommended. From the bus stop and a small chapel, an asphalt road goes steeply up the hill flanked by family and weekend houses. It turns into a forest path, and leads across the meadow Leskovica and steeply up the hill until it reaches a plateau. A wide path leads further, through an evergreen forest up to a stretch reaching the peak Japetić with a pyramid providing a stunning view in all directions. Reaching the pyramid takes an hour and a half on foot. And from the peak Japetić you can reach the mountain lodge Žitnica at Japetić in only 20 minutes. The same route takes you back to the starting point.

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