City of Samobor

Samobor - destination for nature lovers


Samobor on a new European Best Destinations' list of recommendations for nature lovers.

The European Best Destinations (EBD) portal, which has transformed to a global ally in the growing popularity of Croatia as a desirable tourist destination, has published a new list of recommendations "Best destinations for nature lovers in Europe" and has included seven Croatian cities.

Samobor found its place on the same list and is recognized for its natural beauties. With its preserved nature, forests, meadows, mountain peaks, water springs and brooks and caves have been attracting many tourists, mountaineers and nature lovers for decades. All of them here can find their oasis of peace and beauty. Samobor is surrounded by the Nature park Žumberak - Samoborsko gorje Hill Range, which offers many attractions and the possibility of enjoying the intact nature as well as activities from hiking and cycling to paragliding. This list is an additional confirmation that Samobor is not only known for Fašnik and custard slice.

Increasing popularity of active tourism and returning to nature is also visible in Samobor, so Samobor Tourist Board marked 7 new cycling routes in 2017. Also a renewed interest has been noticed in mountaineering, so mountaineering clubs and associations are organizing an increasing number of excursions across Žumberak and Samobor Gorje.