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7 biking routes in Samobor area

Presentation of biking routes in Samobor

In line with trends and with the aim of promoting cycling and sports, as well as the growing need of tourists and visitors from all over the world for active holidays during their stay in Samobor, the Samobor Tourist Board, in cooperation with City of Samobor and the Mountain biking clubs Šišmiš and Krpelj, in 2016. started with the project of creating and marking cycling routes.

The position of th city itself is made for tours and visiting attractions on two wheels, which was the goal of this project, presented at the Bor Bar in the central Samobor square, in vicinity of citiylight with a map and information on cycling routes.

Director of the Samobor Tourist Board Martina Paladina welcomed the guests, thanked them for their arrival and co-operation on this great and significant project. She pointed out that designing and marking cycling routes will contribute to the development of biking tourism in the Samobor area.

The project was presented by Ivana Kokot from the City of Samobor, the initiator of the idea. In cooperation with the Mountain biking clubs BBK Šišmiš and BBK Krpelj, 7 cycling routes have been created, covering about 150 km of trails, with start and finish at King Tomislav Square. The longest route is 30 km long and runs through Rude to Oštrc and the same way back, and the shortest one of 10 km leads towards Otruševac to Grgos cave and then back to Samobor.

The routes are designed for cyclists in response to the growing needs of visitors and the promotion of cycling, as well as for getting to know the distant parts of Samobor by bike. These include easier and more straight roadways, demanding hills, which include very attractive forest sections and a visit to the more distant places in Samobor: Veliki Dol, Oštrc, Grgos cave, Old Town of Okić, Nature Park Žumberak - Samobor Hills, as well as other natural attractions, all the way to ferry in Medsave. The routes are created with the consent of the Croatian Mountaineering Company Japetić and GSS (Mountain rescue service).

A bicycle map is printed with height profile and track descriptions in Croatian and English, while .kml and .gpx files of each route will be available for downloading from the Samobor official site as well as through the QR code.
The traffic project was created by Pismorad, the routes were marked on the ground in accordance with the traffic regulations, while the design of the characters and the map itself was created by Studio Imago.

Presentation of the project was attended by representatives of the City of Samobor, led by deputy mayor, Sanja Horvat Iveković, deputy mayor of Zagreb County Hrvoje Frankić, President of BBK Šišmiš Luka Čanak, President of BBK Krpelj Hrvoje Vešligaj, representatives of Nature Park Žumberak - Samobor Hills Damir Otmačić, representatives of HGSS Renato Ivančić and Vladimir Novak, representative of HPD Japetić Zdenko Kristijan, secretary of the Samobor Sports Association Marijana Radek, director of TZ Sveta Nedelja Renata Vlahović, Marijo Zelenika from Pismorada and Mirko Čakanić from Studia Imago.

Published: 07.06.2017.