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Experience the first educational trail in Croatia: Educational Trail Otruševec

This year, Samobor Tourist Board has renovated information boards placed at the Educational Trail Otruševec, the first educational trail in Croatia.

The trail was designed and realised by members of Samobor's Environmental Society in 1990, and it encompasses 9 points which introduce visitors to the nature and the countryside living. The old decrepit information boards at the named points are now replaced by new ones containing texts in the Croatian and the English language. In order to promote and make the educational trail more accessible, a promotional leaflet describing the 9 points was designed and printed, also in the Croatian and the English language.

The Educational Trail Otruševec is a circular trail, and a leisurely stroll along its 1.5 km will take approximately 90 minutes. It is suitable for strollers of all ages and families with children. The trail presents natural, historical and cultural heritage, and is used for educational as well as sporting and recreational purposes. Grgos Cave, the penultimate point of the educational trail, has been a protected geomorphological monument since 1974. During their tour of the trail, visitors can reinvigorate in the Restaurant Grgosova špilja by indulging in their well-known specialities.

Samobor Tourist Board renovated the trail in 2009 with the support of the Ministry of Tourism, and in 2018 with the help of the City of Samobor.

Published: 28.10.2021.