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GoWine – wine roads through Zelina, Jastrebarsko and Samobor

An interactive virtual walk along wine roads, a detailed map of wineries and roads, a web page with comprehensive information on wineries and wine offer in Zelina, Jastrebarsko and Samobor are new tools that tourists, local inhabitants and visitors have at their disposal when exploring their favourite wine destinations.

GoWine – wine roads through Zelina, Jastrebarsko and Samobor

On Friday, 26 November, the project Gourmet Tourism was presented at Samobor’s Ethno Farm Mirnovec. The project was developed in synergy of tourist boards of Sveti Ivan Zelina, Jastrebarsko and Samobor and it is being implemented with the support of the Zagreb County Tourist Board, while the cooperation is also endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism and Sport.

The event presented the project’s new common slogan “GoWine”, the related web page www.gowine.hr, the printed map showing three wine roads and the application WebVR enabling interactive virtual tours along wine roads.

The project was presented by managers of three tourist boards, Marinka Zubčić Mubrin from Zelina, Petra Masnec from Jastrebarsko and Martina Paladina from Samobor. As they have explained, the idea is to connect the existing wine roads and present them in a clear and simple way in order for all those interested to get a better insight into the wine offer of local producers, and to enable wineries to sell their products more easily at their doorstep. For that reason, the new web page presents offer from Zelina, Jastrebarsko and Samobor, also providing an interactive map and virtual tours. The map has also been printed and it will be distributed to info centres and catering facilities.

Since this is just the first phase of the project, it has been announced that the project will be extended to include gastronomic, as well as tourist offer in general, so “GoFood”, “GoBike” and other projects will follow “GoWine”.

– Our three tourist boards have accepted the initiative of the Ministry of Tourism and joined the gourmet project. We had a common product, our wine roads, which we used as a starting point for this project. Naturally, the promotion of wine roads will continue further through a series of other activities, but we should not forget to include Samobor’s gastronomic products and producers in the gourmet story because they are very important and well-known and they deserve their place in future promotional activities. So, this year we started with wine roads but the project will be expanded in the time to come – Martina Paladina explained.

Slavko Stefičar from the Directorate for Sustainable Development and Competitiveness in Tourism of the Ministry of Tourism, Marko Jovanovac from the company Symbol who designed the graphic identity of the project, Goran Kukovačec from the company Getim, which created the web page, and Otokar Crnalić from the company 360 Provideo, which was in charge of the interactive map, all talked about the project, while Saša Špiranac from Vinarta and the “foodie” Rene Bakalović talked about the gastronomic segment of the project. A part of the rich gastronomic offer of the regions of Zelina, Jastrebarsko and Samobor was presented to the guests by one of the most famous Croatian chefs Tomislav Špiček, while in addition to local wines one could also enjoy products of Bermet Filipec.

Published: 26.11.2021.