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Smerovišće (246 m) – the waterfall Cerinski vir (335 m)

Ascent duration: 30 minutes from the curve to the waterfall, and 50 minutes from Smerovišće
Duration: 2 hours
Distance: 3.8 km
Difficulty: 1/5


The hamlet of Cerina can be reached by car, going from Samobor towards Smerovišće. Approximately 30 meters after the outing place "Dumiću", one should take the right fork in the road to Šipački breg up to the first sharp right turn (less than 1 km or a 20-minute-walk from Smerovišće). There is a widening next to the road where you can park your car. The left fork of the narrow macadam road takes you to the mountain lodge Cerinski vir in 10 minutes. Only 100 metres before the mountain lodge, the left marked path down the hill up to the brook and then further along the brook will take you in only 15 minutes to the 10-meter-high waterfall Cerinski vir, the most picturesque waterfall of the Samoborsko gorje Hill Range.

The waterfall is located in the narrow valley of the brook Javorački potok, which is particularly beautiful in spring and autumn when it is rich in water. The same route takes you back to the starting point.

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